Exams for Zoom OAuth


Exams for Zoom OAuth is an app that allows integration of zoom and Exams for Zoom. It
allows users to log in in Exams for Zoom using their Zoom account and the possibillity to create a new free trial account if the user have a Zoom PRO account.

Exams for Zoom is an assessment solution that allows you to assess and deliver exams differently. It’s as simple and easy as a video call, but built with years of experience and features developed with institutions and students in mind.
Features include:

  • Identity registration- checks that a student’s ID is a real ID to a database.
  • Liveness check- verifies that there is in fact a real live person attending the exam.
  • ID verification- matches the face to the ID provided.
  • OCR process- verifies the student’s ID is valid.
  • Non-invasive academic integrity- monitors browser and desktop activity, including “copy/paste”, other tabs and focused apps.
  • Computer Vision- captures events like face detection, low attention, looking or going off screen, and unauthorised objects.
  • Meta-assessment- audio and video screen recording, artifact collection, assessment feedback and sentiment analysis data is provided to the host post exam.
  • Event notifications- hosts and students are notified of any suspicious activities to help make data-driven decisions.
  • Live or unattended exam sessions- conduct a live evaluation or rely on AI to support 100% unattended and recorded exams with hundreds or thousands of students.


You can install the app directly from Exams for Zoom. If you haven’t installed the app
already, the first time you try to use the zoom integration in Exams for Zoom you will be redirected to the zoom marketplace installation page. It should look something like this:

Once you click “Authorize” the app will be installed.


The APP is working only in backend mode checking the users’s Zoom account data to authorize the log in (case 1) or to validate the account’s type to allow to create a free trial account in Exams for Zoom (case 2).


We retrive the user’s account information from Zoom to authorize the log in or to validate the creation of a free trial in Exams for Zoom


Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
Click Manage > Installed Apps
Click the Exams for Zoom OAuth app
Click Uninstall