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Do I need a Zoom account to access E4Z?

No. You can login with an individual email address or using oAuth (Google or Zoom credentials). Zoom Pro users enjoy free access to most premium features.

Can I author or upload my own questions?

At the moment you can leverage your existing LMS, assessment engine or desktop share to evaluate skills. Our Winter release includes an advanced authoring system and QTI enabled mass upload of questions.

Is E4Z compatible with Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas or Brightspace?

Absolutely yes. You only need to indicate the URL of the assessment or your general LMS URL in order to enable Exams for Zoom. An LTI integration for the most common LMS can also be requested on-demand.

How about data privacy and GDPR?

We strictly follow GDPR guidelines. All the academic integrity settings can be enabled and disabled by the host and/or institution. All the sentiment and AI analysis happens on the client’s browser (no unencrypted server-side processing) except for a few advanced ID/biometric options. Just the minimum required data is stored encrypted and anonymised where possible.

(For the techies) Are there LTI or QTI integrations available?

LTI integration for your LMS can be requested ad-hoc from our team. QTI integration is a feature in our winter release.

What is the E4Z pricing structure?

We offer SaaS enterprise licenses to schools, universities, governments and companies, based on a per assessment basis. If you are a Zoom Pro enterprise user, you can already enjoy most of our enterprise grade functionalities for free.

How many participants can a single host monitor live?

The total number of participants in a hosted monitor session is 16. The maximum view in-screen is 9 participants and participants can be toggled. For larger groups, you can break down into sub-groups, or schedule an unattended exam.

We use Microsoft Teams. Can we still try this out?

Absolutely yes. And we are working closely in a sister solution “Exams For Teams” that aligns tightly with Microsoft’s workflows. Stay tuned!

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